On 21.11.2019 the presentation of the latest 6 meter long trench cutting machine took place at the company KEMROC in Tiefenort. This trencher is the basis for the production of earth concrete according to the innovative SCHÖKEM process. In the soil mixing process, a cement suspension is mixed in-situ with the existing soil to produce soil-stabilizing elements.
The SCHÖKEM process was developed by the mechanical engineering company KEMROC and the specialist foundation engineering company Schönberger-Bau. The trencher can be installed on all standard hydraulic excavators. The injectors, implemented on the sides of the trench cutter, mix a cement slurry directly with the existing soil. The in-situ process saves construction companies from having to dig and backfill the soil and within a few days a stable, waterproof earth concrete body, with a compressive strength of up to 4 MPa, is produced. The innovative SCHÖKEM soil mixing process can be used in almost all soil formations. It is suitable for dike rehabilitation and sealing, excavation pit enclosures and soil stabilization.
GERTEC Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH developed the appropriate injection technology for the process. The following injection system was used in the test on 21.11.2019:


  • CM-1000-EA; a fully automatic colloidal batch mixing plant with 1000 litres of mixing fullumen.
  • RB-4000; a buffer tank with agitator, controlled by the CM-1000-EA controllsystem, with a capacity of 4000 litres.
  • EP-700-E; an independent eccentric screw pump, also controlled by the CM-1000-EA, with a maximum capacity of 700 litres per minute.

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SCHÖKEM trencher in action by the in-situ soil mixing process